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Zipper / Snap Hand Bags, Wristlets, & Men's Wallets
Chanel Wallet $210Chanel Wallet $210Chanel Wallet $200LV Zippy Black Wallet $205LV Zippy Wallet $195LV Zippy Wallet $175LV Mens wallet $175LV wristlets $100 (All 3 prints available)LV Zippy Tan Wallet $205LV Black Leather Zippy $195LV Mens Wallet $175LV Mens Wallet $175LV Zippy Blue Wallet $205LV Brown Wallet $165LV Black Wallet $185LV Wallet $165LV Wallets $165


Overnight Bags, Gym / Sports Bags, & Vacation Bags
NBA keepall 55 $450Duffle 55 $500Duffle 55 $500Duffle 55 $500Duffle 50 $500Duffle $500Duffle $700Chrome Duffle $635Duffle $500Rainbow Duffle $500


2 Strap, Over Shoulder, & 1 Strap Backpacks
LV Discovery Blue $550LV Shoulder BagGG brown Pack $500LV LockME Leather $600LV Clapton Cream $425LV Hey, Josh! $465LV NBA $650LV Apollo $500LV Palm Springs Mid $400LV Apollo with Olive Green detail $500LV Blue Jean Pack $375LV Clapton Pink $425LV Aerogram Backpack $600LV TRIO $475GG Mickey Mouse $500DIOR saddle bag $500LV Discovery Black $550LV Pillow Backpack $400LV Moon Backpack $395LV PM monogram $425GG VINTAGE Supreme $415GG striped $420GG leather backpack $400 (4 colors Pink, Black, Red or White)LV Palm Springs Mini $375LV Montsouris $400LV "Dean" $525LV Leather Backpacks $550LV SPERONE $375Chanel $600Celine Backpack $400


Leather, Canvas, & Hybrid Belts
Gucci Womans Belt $175Gucci Black Belts 3 sizes $175GG black Belt $175H Girls Moyen belt buckle & non-reversible $185Tan GG belt $175Gucci Pearl belt $175H Girls Moyen belt buckle & reversible $185GG brown Belt $175H Guillochee Belt Buckle & Reversible $170


Side Bag, Messenger, Shaped Bags, Totes, Crossbody & Bumbags
Papillion BB New Unicorn colors $390Black/grey check messenger $310LV Messenger bag $350Chanel 20x12x6 cm $440LV Black leather speedy 22 $385LV COUSSIN MM $500Keepall 50! $625Papillion BB $390Chanel 12.3x19.2x3.5 cm $350YSL round bag $375LV COUSSIN BB $450GG Ophidia crossbody $290Unicorn Marshmallow$380Black messenger bag $400Chanel tote $480Chanel 19 cm $325Graceful LV MM $350GG Marmont Leather bag $355LV Marshmallow $430Speedy 25 NEON Flare! $350Chanel $475Chanel $445Vavin $350 (Burgundy, Tan)GG Margaret $475 (White, Brown or Red)Favorite $250 Wild At Heart Pochette $410LV Game On Speedy $375LV Wild At Heart speedy $365Padlock Crossbody $295Leopard ON THE GO $475Neonoe $355Wild At Heart makeup tote $345Utility Phone Sleeve $325LV Game On Speedy $375Leather Tote with Wristlet 3 color options $450Leather Tote with wristlet $400 Available in Navy, Black, Or Tan.Black V Tote $500White Favorite Crossbody $250 ONTHEGO leopard $375Leopard Neverfull $465 (black, cream)Black Bumbag $320Hobo Black $450Neonoe Leopard bottom $375 STUNNING $355Toiletry bags $185Neonoe LV $350Black Leather Bumbag $370Hobo bag! $450 (black, white)STUNNING $380New Odeon Style $350Metis Hobo Bag Retail $400PONTHEIU bag $450 (Black, Tan, Navy & Red)Tote MM Monogram w/ Black handles $300SOUFFLAT MM $500Neverfull $325RIVERSIDE LV $425Odeon Crossbody! $285Retiro LV. $400V tote MM Retail $500Siena crossbody Tote $325Dionysus $430 Marmont $420 Men’s Voyage PM $450 Chanel Deauville canvas bag $400Bloomsbury Crossbody Retail $325DAILY POUCH $225LV PALLAS clutch $250DAILY POUCH $225Artsy MM $470Speedy 25 (no crossbody strap) $350 ($385 for crossbody strap)LV monogram Bumbag $320Gucci around crossbody $375 NeoNoe BB $415Pochette $350 (Pink or Yellow Pastel)SWIG snakeskin $475Check Odeon $375Sac Plat $385Black Gucci Soho Reg $315Key Pouches $105 (4 prints available)Multi pochette $355 (Pink, Green or Blue thick strap)Madeleine $425 (turtledove or cream)Navy/Red Pochette $450 (turtledove color, Black, Navy, Red, Rose)Neonoe $375  (Brown, black, Rose, Red, Yellow strap colours)Dauphine $385Empreinte Real Leather Pochette . Reg $450  (Turtledove, Black, Navy, Red, Rose)Unicorn On The Go PM $400Large Toiletry bag $225Pochette $250Pochette $250Pochette Felicie $310On The Go PM $450Nano speedy $295COUSSIN PM $500Montaigne MM $350Two-Toned Métis Reg $355Bumbag Reg $320Unicorn Neverfull MM REG $350Métis Reg $355Neverfull MM $350 (tan, pink, cream)MM Neverfull tote $350Brown Soho $315LOULOU $390LOULOU puffer mini $425Lou LOU puffer $495LOU LOU $390 (black, gold, silver chain)LouLOU puffer $460  (cowhide, black)Leather LOU $435LINEN and Leather tote $385YSL STUNNING bag! $400YSL Envelope bag $460𝐋𝐄 𝐌𝐀𝐈𝐋𝐋𝐎𝐍 $440Monogram College $450Lou Mini $380Kate $420Solferino Box Bag $450LOU $380Envelope Bag $450LOU belt bag $330Classic bumbag $335Niki shopping bag $460 5 colors availableSunset $450Cassandra $475 (Black, Red or Green)clutch $320 (light tan or cream)Kate Belt Bag $335 (black, red)Kate Star $400Kate Yellow $380YSL Saddle $375YSL clutch $280 (black, gold, silver)YSL monogram wallet $235Envelope WOC $405Card Holders $120LV Discovery Bumbag $335LV Christopher Bumbag $345LV Real genuine leather $400Gucci bumbag $300Dior book bags 41.5 cm $385Dior book bags 41.5 cm $385Dior book bags 41.5 cm $385Dior book bags 41.5 cm $385Dior book bags 41.5 cm $385Dior book bags 41.5 cm $385

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Some Kind Words From Our Valued Customers
"Just received my YSL Bag and I love it! It's so beautiful and the quality is insane! Thank-you so much Karin! Definitely ordering more bags haha!"
~ Kristina - Calgary
"My wallet came to match my NEVERFULL Tote and I'm soooo happy, my purse is NOW COMPLETE!"
~ Holly - Michigan
"I've always loved designer, I didn't think I could ever own one. My new Métis could not be more beautiful."
~ Trish - Vancouver


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